Microsoft office 2016 Access english ebook.


Where Microsoft access record and database handler program, that allow storing and retrieves database in form of a table , query, report, form, label, macros, & many more, adding access control, effect, & many more effect on the working database, with additional attributes of the skype for a business application that allows instant meeting, voice, video multimedia conversation & more, using one drive for business allows to store and access cloud storage all kind of Microsoft document extension, with the access of global platform needs.


Learned Microsoft office professional basic, install office 2016, where Microsoft access application used to create database, table, query, form, report, label, macros, with the help of access, here microsoft access commercially play role in record-keeping method,  create an instant meeting, call, conference with the skype for business, using Microsoft one drive for cloud online document storage for various document extension and format.

Introduction what is Microsoft office professional 2016

  • What is Microsoft office, how to install Microsoft office, various application of Microsoft office software.
  • Introduction to Microsoft access, what is access, create, save, modify, print, microsoft access database, and information.
  • Where you can create a database table, query, form, report, label, macros, and other kinds of databases in the active access software.
  • Create & manage various data connection, adding developer macros, ActiveX controls.
  • Create table, report, form, query, in normal or wizard view steps, adding all-access application control effect and attributes on the selected object.
  • You can fill microsoft access created form data and information, display query result, view report information & display created a label with access supports.
  • Using Microsoft skype for a business application to create an instant meeting, business conversation, text chatting, multiple groups chatting, and voice call in skype.
  • Share data & valuable information, remote connect, and more in skype for business.
  • Using one drive features to cloud storage of Microsoft application document, sheet, presentation, digital notes, publication, drawings, project & more.
  • Free cloud online storage for storing and retrieving slides, publication, or database documents from anywhere, everywhere, with supported electronic gadgets in one rive application, you must have an id to login.


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