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Microsoft excel specially used to solves some numerics calculation in a row and column order. where you can create numerical text worksheet, adding worksheet formulas more than 300, apply many worksheet control name goal seek, scenario manager, conditional formatting, data table, insert chart, shapes, import & export worksheet data, adding a theme, colors, & more. even you can use microsoft skype for business to making instant meetings, business conferences, live chat, & other communication, store cloud document, save retrieves, and modify one drive document electronically worldwide.


Learned Microsoft office 2016 professional basic features. you can install office, here you can deeply explore Microsoft excel, use excels application tab, menu & controls, create a worksheet, solves numeric calculation, add goal seek menus, insert chart, shapes, smart art tools, apply worksheet formula more than 300, apply auto sum formula, financial, logical, text, date & time, lookup & reference, math & trigonometric, statistical, engineering, cube, information, compatibility & web formulas, import data, and add developer tools. create instant meetings, call, conference with the microsoft skype for business call and messaging application, even you can use or access Microsoft one drive for cloud online document storage.

Introduction what is Microsoft office professional 2016.

  • ¬†Introduction to Microsoft Excel, what is excel, create a worksheet, save, modify, print, active worksheet sheet data and information along with the microsoft excel database software.
  • Adding new microsoft excel 300 or more formulas, apply sheet conditional formatting, goal seek, scenario manager, slicer, timeline, import & export worksheet data & information.
  • Insert different kinds of¬† auto sum, financial, logical, text, date & time, lookup & reference, math & trig, statistical, engineering, cube, information, compatibility & web formula in sheet,
  • Create & manage various worksheet data connections, adding developer macros, ActiveX controls.
  • Using Microsoft skype for a business application to create an instant meeting, business conversation, text chatting, multiple groups chatting, and voice call in skype.
  • You can Share data & valuable information, remote connect, and more in the skype application.
  • Using one drive features to cloud storage of Microsoft application document, sheet, presentation, digital notes, publication, drawings, project & more with one drive.
  • Free cloud online storage for storing and retrieving a document from anywhere, everywhere, with the supported electronic gadgets in one drive application, here you must have an id to login.


Microsoft Office enables users to meet their digital documenting needs. Upon getting started with Microsoft Office 2016, users get to access the key aspects of Office which includes Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Charts, and Graphics. With Microsoft Office 2016, you can make your work more efficient, easy, and productive.

However, many people are not aware of how to use Microsoft Office for their needs. On that note, with a precise Microsoft Office 2016 book, users can learn all the basic features of Office and explore the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel. With this book, users can create worksheets, insert charts, shapes, apply formulas, auto sum, text, data, math, engineering, statistics, cube, trigonometry, web formula, and add several developer tools. With Microsoft Office 2016 book published by SB publications, users can navigate excel efficiently.

Brush Up Your Knowledge With Microsoft Office 2016 book

With this guide, beginners can learn and professionals can brush up on their excel knowledge. To be more precise, the Microsoft Office 2016 book includes a detailed study of,

  • Creating and managing several worksheet data
  • Sharing valuable information and data
  • Adding unique 300 excel formulas
  • Applying sheet formatting, the scenario manager
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Inserting various logical, financial, and statistical data, date, time, text, auto-sum functions, cube, compatibility in sheet
  • Add developer macros
  • Share valuable data through remote connection(Skype application)
  • Navigating the unique features of one drive to cloud storage of publications, sheets, documents, presentations, drawings, notes, etc, with just a single drive
  • Learning to use free cloud online storage to store and retrieve certain documents with the help of electronic gadgets present in one drive app. However, you need an ID here, for login.

All and all, this Microsoft Office 2016 guide is all that you are looking for to learn Microsoft Excel. With this book, learning and acing MS Excel has become extremely easy.

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